…like living stones…being built into a spiritual house…  - 1 Peter 2:5



           1501 13th Ave S Birmingham, AL 35205














Tue 8/28

Free Dinner & Devotional – 7:30PM


Sat 9/8

Pancake Breakfast – 10AM


Sun 9/9

Nursing Home Worship – 2PM





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We are an independent campus ministry with a facility located 2 blocks from the UAB campus.  The Campus House is open for use by area college students from 8:30AM-10PM Mon-Fri during the Fall and Spring semesters.  We have computers, internet access, a kitchen, TV, and large and small meeting rooms for studying, relaxing, worship, etc.  We exist to help students succeed in all areas of life, with a focus on real growth as a follower of Jesus Christ.  We want them to learn as much of the Bible as possible, to become confident and competent communicators of the Good News, and to develop a habit of loving others through service.  We are a tax-exempt religious organization that operates on donations from people who share this vision and realize how crucial it is to reach this age-group.